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  Our September retreat was held at Atlanta Friends Meeting with the theme of
SPICES in a Trench Coat: Quaker values show up at retreats! Young Friends
from Berea, Asheville, Swannanoa Valley, and Nashville arrived late on Friday
evening to be welcomed by Atlanta SAYFers in a joyful reunion!
  On Saturday we enjoyed a simple breakfast of cereal and then some community
building activities that culminated in a trip to Revolution Doughnuts!  The afternoon
commenced with an introduction to Casa Alterna by Charlotte Florez, followed by
service work for the community.  Half of the group stayed at the meeting house and
focused on cleaning and organizing the spaces that Casa Alterna uses.  The other
half went over to the new Casa Alterna House on Grant Street in Grant Park and
filled a dumpster with old and broken items and the detritus from the bathroom
remodel that is currently underway.  Some young Friends also emptied a storage
closet and set up two additional bedrooms upstairs.
  After dinner we traveled to Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve and hiked
up Arabia Mountain as the sun set. We spent about an hour enjoying the moonscape
of the mountain with some silence and watching the sky change color. We hiked down
in the dark and returned to the Meetinghouse for a late night birthday celebration
and sleep. 
  Sunday morning we woke up, cleaned up, and joined Atlanta Friends for the first
15 minutes of worship, after which we moved to the Meetinghouse Library where we
wrote and shared epistles from the weekend, said our goodbyes, and headed home.
  The September retreat Worship Journals have been added to the Epistles Page.
The Lead FAN activities report and Epistles for our October retreat will be added here
as soon as they are received.

The Next Retreat of our 2022-23 Season will be happening
November 11-13, 2022, in person at Asheville Friends Meeting
Lead FAN:

    Chris DeBeer <>

     Swannanoa Valley Young Friends

November 11-13 Asheville Retreat Cover Page
November 11-13 Asheville Retreat Registration
Directions to Asheville Friends Meeting
REVISED 202203 Covid-19 Guidelines for Retreats **
SAYF Medical Release Form
SAYF Community Guidelines (2022)

Please read and observe revised Covid guidelines (above) for
in-person SAYF retreats.

Additional Connections for our SAYFers:
-- The April 2021 retreat inspired us to capture the historic
Young Friends Book Recommendations posted as graffiti in
the AFM High School room. Photos are Here, and the page
includes links to epic photos from SAYF white water rafting
adventures, 2010-2014.
-- To help us all stay better connected as we welcome new
lights to our community, SAYFers are asked to please add
or confirm their contact info and preferences via this online
SAYFer Contact Form
-- We continue to invite "anytime" worship journal writing
as another way to stay in touch with our SAYF spirit and
your inner light.
Journal Submissions will be published to
our EPISTLES page as they are
submitted via email to:
Autumn Woodward <>

Retreat attenders, parents and Friends of SAYF are invited to
make tax deductible contributions to this teen program of the
Southern Appalachian Yearly meeting and Association (SAYMA)
Gifts are especially helpful this year, as explained in our
2021 Donation Request Letter.

PLEASE SEE THE LINKS BELOW for the most current
guidelines and additional program information.  Parents
can reference the annual Parent Letter and Schedule of
Retreats for a view of our plans for this year and ways
adults can participate.  Relevant information for the 2022-23
season, includes contact details for our Steering and Nurturing
committees.  Bios of current Steering and Support committee
volunteers will be updated  soon:

Parent Letter & Info Packet 2022-23 (inclusive of below)
New SAYFer Welcome Letter 2022-23
Retreat Schedule 2022-23 (2022.10.11)  
SAYF Nurturers & Steering List (2022.08.29)
SAYF Values & Sleeping Arrangementss (20220829) 
SAYF Community Guidelines (2022.08 rev)
Covid-19 Guidelines for In Person Retreats (2022.03.19 rev3)

Additional Items:
Steering Committee Bios (2021.09.10)
Support Committee Bios (2021.09.10)
Kevin (the suggestion box) Guidelines (2019.02)
Queries for Young Friends (2018 update)

About our Retreats:
Each retreat is planned by the Young Friends of the meeting that is sponsoring
or hosting the gathering. They choose a theme and decide on worship, workshops,
activities and food. They experience Quaker process in this planning and produce
a schedule for the weekend.

Each retreat begins on Friday evening with a guideline review after all teens have
arrived, then a worship sharing circle follows as the first activity on Saturday morning.
The retreat ends on Sunday around noon, after gathering in silence to write and share
our worship journal epistles about the weekend.

The young Friends have their own Nurturing Committee comprised of experienced
attenders who uphold the guidelines during the retreats and attend an additional
two retreats each year to conduct business and address any issues that arise for
their SAYF community. They also nurture individuals during the retreats.

Attenders of our retreats and their Parents are encouraged to help us improve the
program via our Feedback Form.


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