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- The November retreat in Asheville encouraged an exploration of our selves and
our places of belonging in community. Playful Saturday morning activities guided
us to think about where our identities fall on the spectrum and assure us that no
matter where we are, we are not alone. The afternoon scavenger hunt looking for
obscure items and unique sights showed that there is a lot of fun to be found in
seeking the oddities that belong to downtown Asheville. Thanks to the Berea
planners for the hard work of managing a great retreat weekend away from home!
More thoughts and appreciations of the experiences can be found in the worship
journals that are now posted on the EPISTLES page.

The next retreat of the 2017-2018 SAYF season is:

January 12-14, 2018 @ Atlanta Friends Meetinghouse
- Lead FAN: Aaron Ruscetta
- Planning: Atlanta Nurturers and Young Friends

Watch for invitations & forms packets to arrive in the mail.
Please note that registration fees are currently $35 in order to
keep our expenses in balance with recent attendance numbers
and scholarship needs. Forms are also posted for download below,
including the cover page theme & things to bring details.

Scheduling for the remainder of the 2017-2018 SAYF season can be
found on the SCHEDULE page, and a PDF file is available below.

Jan. 12-14, 2018 Atlanta Retreat Cover Page
Jan. 12-14, 2018 Atlanta Retreat Registration
Directions to Atlanta Friends Meeting
SAYF Medical Release Form with Diet Preferences

About our Retreats:
Each retreat is planned by the Young Friends of the meeting that is sponsoring or hosting the gathering. They choose a theme and decide on worship, workshops, activities and food. They experience Quaker process in this planning and produce a schedule for the weekend.

Each retreat begins on Friday evening with a guideline review after all teens have arrived, then a worship sharing circle follows as the first activity on Saturday morning. The retreat ends on Sunday around noon, after gathering in silence to write and share our worship journals about the weekend.

The young Friends have their own Nurturing Committee comprised of experienced attenders who uphold the guidelines during the retreats and attend an additional two retreats each year to conduct business and address any issues for the SAYF community. They also nurture individuals during the retreats.

Additional details of our SAYF program are found on the Guidelines page and in our annual fall parent letters:

SAYF 2017-2018 Schedule (complete, 10/27)
Parent Information Letter for 2017-2018
Current SAYF Guidelines (rev 2017.08)

Donation offers, requests for information and inquiries about participation
or volunteering in SAYF can be directed via email to:

* Forms and documents are made available in (publicly distributable) PDF format.
Many free applications, both proprietary and Liberated Open Source, are available
to view and print PDF files. Mac OS X systems include the "Preview" viewer for this,
and Adobe's Acrobat reader for Mac, Linux & other systems can be downloaded for
free by clicking here.  The Free, Freely Distributable, Open Source LibreOffice suite
(for Mac, Linux & others) supports the reading, saving and editing of almost all
common document formats, both open and proprietary, including support for PDF
view, edit and conversion.  Gmail & Googledocs also support PDF for attachment
viewing and printing.


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