On the weekend of April 27-29, 2007 the Southern Appalachian Young Friends gathered at Nashville Meeting House for a retreat with a theme of memories.  This is our story; This is our epistle:


I don't recall ever really doing anything this retreat, but at the same time there was there was a lot of time. A lot of time to recount memories, rejoice, remember and relive moments that we so dearly have. As well is that, the time given to us allowed us to create memories.  The collage was a great impression of this new girl, Ellen. I think I like her new.  The park was perfect for the first ultimate game of Frisbee.

Duhnuh-Dunuh-Dunuh  FRISBEE FRISBEE!

Ellie and I had a good time watching water fowl and cute boys.  “The best time” she said. That could be said about any time that I'm with you, Ellen

The largest game of silent football was played… and the first murder of a dictator occurred. Not only that… the delegates were formed.

Ms. White nails - the wayward one

 Mr. Curly hair - the reasonable one

Ms. Red dress – the penance thirsty one

Ms. Kitty- the protector

Mr. Eye -  the overseer

Oh, gosh what good times.  I can't believe only two more years until I feel this flood of memories again when I, myself, am graduating.  However that's a fairly long time away.

Until then, my love


P. S.  Bonnie, Sophie, and Amelia are all lard munchers for not coming to SAYMA!

Also, thank you Therese for the ride to hear and back; I really appreciate it.

In other words… fabulous last retreat of the year.



Everyone please come to SAYMA in June for it is my last retreat as a SAYFer and I will graduate.  If you don't come then I may not see you again for a very long time.  A very long time being next SAYMA.  So come.

Love Ellie

P.S. Having another Ellen is confusing.  I have never met anyone else named Ellen that was anywhere near my age, so it was confusing when someone yelled “Ellen” and I turned and they were looking somewhere else.  New experience for me, sharing my name.  Use it well young grasshopper, new Ellen. 

Bonnie and Sophie, you guys were going to Africa and Ireland which is cool I guess but also quite lame LAME!

I will be 18 on Thursday. Weee.




Sophie’s piano playing defines my life!

PS Just because I'm in seventh grade doesn't make me stupid.  Actually, I have more to say.  This retreat was wonderful.  Yesterday, it had been two years since something happened that changed my life.  Forever.  I am thankful for this group.  They helped me get through the day, even though they had no idea they did.

Thank you SAYF

I love you guys so much.

-- the unknown     

e-mail me: crazyqueen606@yahoo.com.  Thnx

My weekend was good. It was a little awkward but yeah, one thing is, I really had fun at the park, but probably my favorite game we played was silent football. Also, I am glad I got to meet new people. I plan to come to the next retreat if it is possible.




As I close my eyes for meditation, my body says “Oh Good, Now We Can Get Some Rest”, but my spirit says “Not Yet, Lets give Thanks”.

Thank you all five ways. Thanks one is that the spirit of Universal Love Energy was here and played among us all. Some times in musical notes. Thanks two that our  Night Shepard’s protected us thru the night and there was nothing to report. Thanks Three is to our Nashville Friends who gave us supper and a nice building with enough showers. Thanks four is that so many of you, thirty four, came from far away for these 38 hours of being close and know more about each other. Thanks five is that our neighborhood, in North Nashville, was good to us by letting us have a safe time on the streets and sidewalks.

Go home in Peace and Love,

               Dick Houghton, Head FAP



It was great seeing everyone again. I miss Jo. I wish she came! I am so glad I got to see Cameron again. I missed him much and everyone from EVERGREEN! Cameron’s presence made this the best SAYF ever! YAY Camerons a Newbie!   Lol.    I love you all.

            Kama “Camry”

PS 615-730-1990

PPS punknlondon2@yahoo.com



It was the first morning of this retreat.  I was having a great dream...Then I woke up… George was sitting on me…He proceeded to tell me the story of the “Brave Little Toaster”

“There once was a toaster…. and all the other toasters said even you can't do nutin’  and that Brave Little Toaster said`


And on that day that “Brave Little Toaster” went on a journey….





Ahhh... I love you!

This weekend was lovely.  I'm glad I came instead of working like I was supposed to.  I have been doing well lately but it was funny because I was having somewhat of a hard time sharing with the SAYF community which I usually feel so comfortable with.  Maybe I just need some time to chill.  Anyway like I said before it was a lovely retreat and I was happy to see so many new and old faces.  SAYMA is almost here!  That is so exciting!  Gosh I'm going to miss the seniors.  If I think about it each and every one of you have played a role in shaping my life.  I want to thank my meeting, the FAPs and everyone else for being here and working so hard.  I was deeply impressed by a few of the Nurturers this retreat and I love you all.

Winona Kontz

“How can we MAKE THE QUAKERS MOVE?!?  Ah, the age-old question... but, seriously now, I realized at this retreat especially how frustrating it can be when you beautiful people deny more opportunities for SAYF to enhance your beauty.  In other words, we provide activities for you (yes YOU) to participate in.  Same with cleaning up - piles of lard patties = not cute.

 SOH, that being said, I had a wonderful time this weekend.  I enjoy playing ultimate in the park, as well as all my encounters with sunshine.  Ellen the noob, you are ever so amazing and I love you all ready

Dag nabbit, I done gone forgot about the query... my favorite memory of SAYF. I believe it was Asheville, sometime this year, when a group of sprightly Quakers formed a clump out of which came songs traveling at godspeed.  We sang into the night, sweetly serenading our listeners.

I do love me some reminiscing. Well you fooine prankstas keep yoselfs a-poppin till we meet again.

All my love, Bonnie

PS ELLEN, the non-noob, words could not express the vacancy I ALREADY feel in my heart where you dwelled these last few years.  “Love” does not say enough but it must suffice darling.  I love Ellen



I had a lovely weekend. Bonnie and Sophie and Dick – and everyone else in Nashville Meeting, thanks for all your work and effort. You guys know how to set just the right tone.

The Buddhist talk about knowing when you need to be like a mountain, standing tall and firm in your convictions...and when to be like a flower bringing good cheer to others...and when to be a river flowing with all the constant changes life brings us. For me, part of this retreat has been about being a river. I brought Autumn, Tim and Bethany with me as newbies....and I am also saying goodbye to Mark & Ellen & Nate. AND for Ellen & Mark, since they are the youngest in their families, it is also the end of the Phelps family and the Farmer family at SAYF. I shall miss you & I wish you well. Thank you for all the thought you have put into our community to help it be “community”.





Phorest got tied to a pole!  ‘twas funny.  I gots to put ice cube in his pants.  Poor chap.

On another note, I had a vision of Conrad on his Death Bed, holding someone's hand, saying, “why wouldn't you play silent football with us?”

Retreat was good.  I'm looking forward to SAYMA.  Promises to be fine.

Cheers and hail to all, miss Jimmy,





Sam Fisher please don’t stick your tongue in my ear again! Just thought I’d say that. Well, my hand hurts from wink and I don’t think I can write for a long time. I am very uncomfortable right now. I wanted to say thank you people. Sometimes it feels like you’re the only ones that care.

            Kama Starchild


This was my second Nashville retreat and I really like coming here.  Many thanks to Dick for all the work he put into this retreat, and to the planning committee, and to the Nashville Meeting Community for supporting us.

The theme of last month's retreat was “service” and I've been thinking a lot about it this morning. Service isn’t just going out somewhere and working for a day, it's something you do all the time.  Service is signing up for a job at SAYF, or helping someone with cleaning, or setting up, or just carrying something.  I am writing this to myself as much as anyone else, my name wasn't on the sign-up sheet either.

There was a discussion among Jesus’ disciples over who is the greatest. Jesus said that the greatest was the one who becomes a servant for the rest.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at SAYMA.

With Love,

Mark Wutka



This was an awesome retreat. Unfortunately my hand is sore and I am not able to write very much.

            Love yall,


PS Everyone had better be at SAYMA or I will have to kick some behinds! (I mean it).



This is my last retreat before I graduate at SAYMA. I am shocked it came so fast. I will miss and love you all. Yall are like family to me and leaving yall makes it seem like I’m losing a family member.

With love,




Nia, you are my pet Cuban.



Damn that shits wack

Joseph GH



I suppose I’ve been to enough retreats to have a favorite SAYF memory, so I will respond to the query in this epistle: My favorite memory is probably my entire second SAYMA because it changed my opinion of the SAYF community and those in it. At my first SAYMA, I was very shy and I pretty much didn’t talk to any people who weren’t from Atlanta. Because of this, I didn’t meet very many new people, so I decided SAYF wasn’t worth it. But moving back to the point, at my second SAYMA (thanks Alise for convincing me to go), I talked to more people, and I realized how wonderful each and everyone of you are. I especially enjoyed playing with the water guns at that SAYMA as well.

            Love you all,   Emily





Jacob’s Short Free Verse


I came again and went with my flow. I did what I could to just go. SAYF was my plain and I was a buffalo like Sam and George I went with flow again and again we made more rhymes again and again we made funny lines. I was a 2bie, almost a newbie, but I had fun. I was a 2bie who’s no longer a 2bie, and

            Now I am





SAYF, is the most wonderfulest place to ever be, because they don't care what you look like or what you do they join you in to the group immediately.

Coming to SAYF was the one thing I was looking forward to this week because life has been so harsh on me.  What with teachers trying to get on my nerves and my friends from school have been a bit mean and on edge owing to the fact of the millions of tests and quizzes, and the loads of homework.  Well when I got here I had no voice, the next morning I had my voice but lost it again, and I still have no voice whatsoever.  Okay so newbies will come back. You guys are awesome.  Cameron sitting 5 feet across from you and we still are texting!  I find it hilarious!  We have to text outside of SAYF too!  Okay so I have a best new friend and yes it's Cameron!  You should be jealous!  LOL but he is my best friend!  Doug you finally came.  I am happy even though we didn't get to watch Harry Potter like we normally do, it was still fun!  Decks you are the most cutest chipmunk I ever met!  I'm going to steal your collar!!!  Christina!  omg we haven't talked in three weeks.  I missed you so badly. now I just want to get rid of you. I ♥ you! Nate I am not a man!  George you n your hands =shame last night!  Phorest ok you and your poke = no!  Jacob + stomach = nice!  Kenzie we haven't spoken in a while and you finally come to SAYF!  Camry, ♥ed staying at your house but next time it should be here with all those sexy SAYfers! Sam F. and George you may attack my sister like you did yesterday morning!  I miss Chapel Hill!!!!  Mark, Chevys are so much better than Fords!!!  Ellen A I haven't seen you in a year and you've changed a lot.  Jacob I love the shades you are wearing right now!

  Well I wrote about some people so I have to add on! Emily!  You are so flippin’ awesome!  I'm sorry you lost your glasses. Oh yeah and everyone if you find her glasses (which may be on the bus) please give them to her.   

Eli and Cameron... what can I say a cute couple... Dex and Ivy... are a scary but cute couple!  Phorest you being taped to a pole was hilarious.  Thanks to my best friend for finding the tape.  Okay I am done if I forgot to write about you I will next time... I'm sorry!

This is still my epistle however you spell it

my favorite SAYF memory... was when I met you guys!  Y’all are the greatest, always there for you friends. I thank you for that!

Well call or text some time.



PS why does SAYMA have to be so far away!?!?

PPS Chrissy and I named the ducks at the park after SAYFers.When we finished naming them Dex and Ivy where nowhere to be found whatsoever... you dirty ducks!

PPS speaking of Dex, you have gorgeous eyes!  So does a lot of people but Dex’s R  my favorite!!




Sam Fisher Page



A quaker lass said,                                                         ←I sho did not fool                              

Sam, limit your haikus please                                          I just pointed out the three                    

Then I said, no thanks.                                                   Pages from last time.                                        


Going home on bus                                                        A fire is burning

This is the rest of my life                                                Many people live in fear

It’s the end (homework)                                                 Ninja strike is near.


Therese, what a gal!                                                       Dick, what a great guy! 

Her humor – easy and keen                                            He is solid and acute

Her smile is golden                                                         Refined and knowing



There is another                                                             Mark, he is the one

He is an awkward friend and                                          whose child inside is good fun

His name escapes me                                                     watch him be real cool


You will know him true                                                  Nia is short and brown

By signs given three, they are                                         he’s quite giggly and such

Plaid, piano, high socks                                                  What will he become?


I am told he’s gay                                                          Sophie, Bonnie, George

I know it is so; scary                                                      All play the damn keys and they’s

In that I forgot                                                               faster than me, but

                                                                                    Also with such great                                                                                                                   proficiency, it slays me

                                                                                    so guys, SHUT UP!....NOT!






Once upon a time there were three brother elves named Skippy, Pippy and Blippy. Skippy played guitar, Pippy sang, and Blippy played the drums. They started a band called “The Screaming Arsewholes!” Pretty soon the band made it big and moved to Hollywood to mingle amongst the rich and beautiful. Well, not long after they started playing big arenas. Blippy became addicted to heroin and he died trying to replace his brain with two pounds of it. Pippy married an actress and soon burned out, and never did anything creative ever again, But Skippy!......

............................ he died. Of cancer.




-        George Pettis


This was my first retreat in a year, and it’s wonderful to be back in the SAYF community. It was shocking to see so many newbies (new to me at least) and I have to admit that I was a bit overwhelmed by it. Anyhoo, this retreat was lovely. Thank you, planning committee, for working to organize this. The query asks for my favorite memory from SAYF, and that, I could not tell you, as there are far too many. However, it’s not hard to say that what I value most in a retreat is a perfect balance of spirituality and fun. The beauty of the silence during worshipful times is beyond explanation, and I find that it, followed by some good fun, makes SAYF the beautiful thing that it is.

Having said that, thank you for making this weekend as magnificent as it was. Park (frisbee!), silent football, collages, and singing (just like at the last Nashville retreat!) were all fantastic and I am so grateful for it all.        Love, Amelia




Well, this was the first retreat I’ve gone to in my entire life. Friday I didn’t enjoy much because I was very tired. Saturday was great because we got to go to Centennial Park and run around. I also waded in the pond thing in the park and I slipped and got my pants completely soaked. When we returned to the Meetinghouse I had fun chilling out. I got to play silent football which was weird, yet enjoyable experience, as was wink. I was thankful that I never wound up alone. Altogether I enjoyed this SAYF retreat and the new people I met.

See y’all later,

               Autumn L. Traynham



This was my second retreat and I loved it. I will miss all the new people I met this weekend. I will love u all people.

Hannah (aka McKenzie) aka token emo chick



This was my first retreat in a whole year. I am so glad I am back. I had a lot of fun.

            Doug McBay

PS See you all at SAYMA

PSS Dex has DSL!!

PSSS And he is proud of it 2.



This retreat was my first one. It was fun and the people are nice. The games were good and easy to play.   – Bethany


Anyone have a Myspace or AIM? - Autumn



This retreat was probably my most favorite one. I enjoyed going to the park (ultimate was awesome!) and hangin with the newbies! Silent football...that was a riot, as almost every one got at least ½ penance points. Wink seemed short, even though I was in for a few rounds. I think we all hate Nate now for a few sayings of his ie “Damn that shits wack!” and though I am” Cuban”,

I would prefer to be Mexican! (Nate, that’s you!). Once again, it was an awesome retreat.




Oh golly, I forgot to write a memory.  Here goes.  At my very first retreat, I was sitting on the bench in a kitchen with a few others at SAYMA.  Julia Boggs was telling a very long, complex and I might add rude joke.  Suddenly he stops and looks down at me and says “Oh my God!  How old are you?”  That's all I remember about that retreat.




Ha ha ha!  Phorest... I beat you in the poking game!  But I still love you!  So anyways... I am in bunches of pain... and I didn't get much sleep.  So I'm a little grumpy.  So I'll go on with the query... the nice stuff! My favorite memory of SAYF was the treasure hunt we had at Chapel Hill!  Emily and I hurt ourselves because we were going in two different directions... and that doesn't work when you're tied up at the feet!  That retreat was also my first retreat too...so yea! I had fun.  But back to reality!  The park was fun!  Although people probably thought that we were on something when they see a bunch of strange looking people holding hands with strange hairstyles, and just being ourselves... walking down the street!  If that makes sense!  DOUG (say SKITTLES for me!)  I finally met you!  So now it won't be that strange talking on the phone with you anymore!  (although you pictured me with black hair!  Yuck!)

But I had fun with you at the park... although you spilled water all over me!  Thanks a lot!  And you almost made that duck attack me and Emily!  Speaking of ducks... Sam (my sister) and I had fun naming all the ducks SAYFers names! But once we named them... Dex and Ivy disappeared!  I don't think we ever found them either!  But... the collage thing could have went on a little better... or I could have picked a better group.  No offense to anyone who is in my group or anything!  Um... the newbies... welcome... we are glad to have you here... and I hope to see you all in the future!  The seniors... I'm TRULY gonna miss you all!  But I wish you all the best of luck in the real world!  Ha ha... I have like three more years until that!  But... this is RELI long!  And I broke my old record of writing!  Oh yea! Before I finally go...the bus ride up here was Pkay...It was a bit crowded! And my wife’s (Emily) TACO Bell got eaten! You female dogs! Hehe! But....I’m through now! Bye!



PS My birthday is in 8 days! (May 7). I’ll finally be 15! FINALLY!

PPS The game we played outside was fun...but it hurt my feet! Negative 150 points!

SMILE....You have SAYFers!