From June 8- 11, 2006 the Southern Appalachian Young Friends gathered at Yearly Meeting to share our friendship with each other, with the wider SAYMA community and to say good bye to our SAYF graduates. This is our witness, this is our story.

I think my last worship journal pretty much summed up my feelings about leaving SAYF, so I won’t get into that again. Unfortunately, that means I don’t really know what to say. I’ll start by saying that in some of you Young Friends, I can see amazing potential. This potential seems about ready to burst out of your stomach and start attacking and devouring the rest of us…in a good way. Everyone, please be aware of this community as it continues to change and grow in the years to come. A group of such thoughtful and interesting people is rare. Do not let this become only a group, though….Remember C is for community.

That being said, I’m not trying to tell anyone to behave in a serious manner. I love that we can make chicken noises, act like zombies, make up pirate epistles, and rap about walking in the light.

Hopefully, I’ll see some of you next year at SAYMA.

Until then….keep it real, SAYF.


This was my first time ever being at one of these and it was quite possibly the greatest weekend of my life. I met a ton of new awesome people and I really want to come back as often as possible. I loved every minute of being here. Now I must say quite possibly the best part was the immense amount s of female attention that I got but on a more broad scale really the whole loving and accepting atmosphere has made me feel at peace and that I really want to be a part of all this.

            - Phillip

I’ve decided to stop trying to write anything meaningful or profound in these worship journals, since my hand writing is apparently indecipherable to humans and no one has ever been able to read one out loud (successfully or accurately).


You are all so really really COOL! And I need to thank you for providing a door into the SAYMA community.

This retreat has helped me to re-examine my commitment to universalist principles of




Equality (and)


            With love for your Spirit,

                        Aaron (Elaine’s dad) Ruschetta

Dear SAYF,

You guys are way cool. In my life I have been in so many communities that I can’t even count, but this is the first one that I have felt truly loved and accepted, I thank you guys so much for that.

Last night at the graduation it was really hard for me because I realized jest how much love was actually in SAYF, and how this last year that I spent with you guys was one of the best times of my life.

To the grads, I love you guys so much your awesome and I thank you guys for all that you have done for all of us, I believe that you will always be in the light.

And to everyone else you guys are so sweet and jest as awesome.

I also want to thank the FAPs for all that you do, we wouldn’t be here without you so thank you.

            Lots of love,

                 Winona Kontz

I have some good news and some bad news….

The good news is I named a nickel Phillip.

 Bad news….Phillip, you’re now worth 5 cents.

-    Ben Ham



I still don’t really believe that I’ve graduated and I don’t get to come back and see you guys every month, I’ll miss everyone of you in huge amounts. This community has taught me so much about life, about myself and I want to thank everyone of you for that. SAYF has meant s lot to me over the years and it is wonderful to see how you all continue to grow and evolve after I am gone. Arrrrrg, if I say much more I’m going to cry. So I will just reiterate one last time how much I love every single one of you.

            Love always,




Okay, this was a fun time, but I am sad to see people go but I’ll get tom that later. First off I’m glad I made it through the entire car ride this time. Now as usual, I was flooded with people upon arrival and as always I loved seeing my friends. The workshops I enjoyed a lot especially the one on what people were doing after the Rwandan genocides. It was great to take part in the wider community. Now, while I am sad to see some of the coolest people I’ve met go, I don’t believe in good byes because even if you never see the person again in your lifetime, the influence they leave lasts forever.

And I have some advice for those leaving: the wheel of destiny is forever moving and it will be in your favor but if it looks like it will run you over, move!





Dee zero zero dee…Ahmmma YAYA! Seeing all those people who had seemed to me to have left the material world for good really turned my world upside down. It was actually already on its side from the fact that it was so totally 3 AM, but I really felt like I had entered the hall of Valhallah. So many valiant SAYF warriors who died in battle have become malignant ghosts that spread discord and steal microwaves. But all misrepresented Nordic Mythology aside, the fact remains that, though we have a king, Queen and Jack of Awesomeness, the identity of the ace remains a mystery. I find it highly possible that the Ace has yet to emerge from a seemingly normal SAYFer. Anyone can be the Ace of Awesomeness. One must simply love everyone in the community and make it very clear, and also love oneself to the point that one has no fear. The true Ace of Awesomeness will not recognize him ir herself. Instead he or she will believe that everyone of his or her comrades deserves the title. Needless to say, I am not an Ace of Awesomeness. Fear and Loathing in KnoxVegas has rendered me incapable. It matters not however, for I see in each and every newbie and twobie and oldbie and Ace of Awesomeness waiting to arrive. Be that Ace if you feel that you are up to the challenge.

             Sam Leemen-Munk

PS I’d like to give a shout out to a Mr. Sam Shady for pushing me forward when I wanted to quit. Without our lovely fish’s perseverance, there’d be one fewer member of the Sam Rap collective.



This weekend has been surreal and amazing. I’ve learned so many things that I had previously never thought about or never considered questioning. It has been hilarious, sleepy, joyful, and heartbreaking; as well as number of other adjectives that I’ll have to leave out. Currently, I am both sad and content. For the first time in a long while, I am perfectly sure of how I feel. I am extremely sorry to see all of the seniors go, particularly before I had any chance to talk to some of them. I had a chance to see you all together in Nurturing Committee yesterday, and, though the SAYFers that remain are all undoubtedly awesome, it’s hard to picture anything without all of you. As life changing and utterly depressing as it seems right now, however, I know perfectly well that the time I have will go by fast, and that a year from now I’ll probably be sitting in the circle again, crying and writing my own goodbyes. Thank you all, for letting me be here and for being the amazing people that you are.

             Brittany Steffey



My highlight of the retreat was having Ayesha, Lamont, Emmanuel, Doug and Nathaniel comfortably sitting in the pavilion laughing together after a raucous game of hide’n’seek.

I witnessed Conrad adeptly negotiating a situation of tension between young friends enabling everyone to listen to each other and develop respect for the boundaries of others.

As a group, the young friends did a great job integrating newcomers. The retreat was full of tender and kind moments. I learned Dexter is ap pussy cat and wants others especially Joe, to be one too.

Regrettably there were also episodes of disregard of the rules. Though most were minor, I hope young friends will take away an understanding of how their self centered behavior affects others and the group.

The co-clerks for the upcoming year are awesome. I ask they consider including messages of respect into next years program.



So, what to sy? I have identified myself for so long as a SAYFer that it seems very strange not, suddenly, to be one any more. I suppose I’ll remain a SAYFer at heart for a while longer anyway. I love you all & I will miss you. I also love the community that has nurtured & loved me so well. I am ready to be a graduate, I suppose, but the peace and love I found here is extremely special to me and I thank you for it.

I’ve written a couple of these now, I guess, so its less of a departure then it might be, but SAYF has changed a lot, & is very very different than it was when Rooney & Jeff were in my place. That is not, of course, to say it is worse. Lots of my best friends have graduated & lots of new people have taken their place.

Now, I’d like to say a few goodbyes, I’m not Matthias, but there are some people I haven’t seen off properly. Firstly Molly & Orianna. Molly, as I am sure you know, you have meant an awful lot of different things to me over the years & we have both changed an awful lot. I was really pretty bummed that you weren’t here, but I understand. I’ll call you up sometime & maybe make it to Asheville, to visit you & Stephanie and Ellen and everyone else. Oriana, I’m also sorry that you couldn’t be here. You are great & beautiful & I will miss you so very very very much. I hope I will see you again. I may. Even if it takes a while, I will remember you.

Starling. So I don’t know when I’ll see you, maybe Brittany & I can make it to Virginia sometime. I’m really going to miss you, & I won’t see you at SAYMA. I love your hair, & your smile & your jokes & your pointy drum like pelvis. I keep thinking of the time we ran into each other at the OREPA protest & I ended up as an evil, uncle Sam hydra head. I’ll miss you, we’ve had some good times.

Rachel, you’re really nice. You are a good person & a solid friend. I think you will make an excellent clerk & you are already an excellent nurturer. I think a lot of the future direction of SAYF lies with you & I think it is in excellent hands. I will miss you but I’m sure I will see you again.

Max. I’m sorry you couldn’t be here, man, but we’ve had some good times too. Here & at FGC, over AIM. You are cool, man & I hope things go well. Power.

Conrad, I’ll miss you too, man. We’ve had some good car rides & good times sitting around talking about stuff and/or people. I know I’ll wonder what you’re up to, when I’m bored & you’re older. I’ve seen you grow & change a lot more than most SAYFers but also you have stayed reliably stable in some ways. Good luck, man.

Jimmy, I’m going to miss you a lot too. I actually missed you when you were in Japan, but I hope you do cool shit. You are actually a really really great person to talk to. You’re funny, but also, like around this time last year, when Esther & I and you were all crying & pacing around, you sort of pulled us all together. You can improve any bad situation & any good one & I always listen to what you say, because you’re always insightful and kind. I’ll miss you, but I’m glad you’re staying here. SAYF needs you man.

Wren & Sig & Kathleen, thank you all so very much for helping me along. Wren, thank you for writing me the letter of recommendation & always being kind to me. I appreciate it immensely. I’m glad you are a part of SAYF. Kathleen, I’m sure SAYF will miss you while you aren’t on the Steering Committee, but you contributed a lot, as I am sure you know. We all love your stories & your house from NC meetings, thank you sharing everything with us. Sig, you’re great too. I liked talking with you & Galen about music & you’ve been necessary for SAYF. Thank you also. I’m glad to have known you, I’m sure I’ll see you again.

So there, said my goodbyes, that took a little longer than I had anticipated. Graduation was amazing. It was sweet & beautiful, if bug infested & I thank everyone for your messages. I’m glad I got to be a part of it & sit in the middle. I never got to graduate from high school, though I’m sure UWC will send me off well, still, I appreciate it. I am incidentally sorry about all of the wax. It was disrespectful to our environment & I’m sure it was a bummer to those who had to clean it up. Apologies.

So, I know I already said it but I’ll miss SAYF. You are all great & this is a great community. You’ve given me some good memories & names to google in 20 years. Thank you. You guys rock. Good luck keeping SAYF going. I know you’ll all do beautiful & I’ll come back sometime as a FAPIT & find it even better than it is now. I love you all. I love how you love me & I love how you love each other. This is a good community because we love each other.





This retreat was so much fun! Matthias, your shirts are very awesome. I’m glad I feel I can talk with you about music and stuff. Liza is super sweet! I will miss you much! I’m a little sorry I couldn’t show up though. But I am doing really well. See you! Maico



Wow my first year of SAYF is already gone! It was a great year. It gets me out of my house a lot cause I am sick of being cooped up in my room. But yah I met a lot of awesome people who I had a lot of fun times with. Wink was the best game invented. Although I am gonna miss all the seniors and all my friends. I can still remember my first year! You guys have been really sweet and cuddly! I will miss this first year but another one is comin’ and so forth. I luv you all soooooooomuch!

             ♣ always


PS I am still worjing in a website that I put down (I am still figuring things out so visit!

PPS /SAYF was already taken! LOL

PPPS I beat Cam-Cam in lovin Phillip!



I have only experienced two days in SAYF. The feeling of being part of a community is abundant. I am surrounded by friends. People are welcoming and respectful. We get to be silly, serious, excited, depressed. But we are always in it together. Thank you SAYF, SAYMA, and friends for this experience.

             - Sarah Rhu



SAYMA really caught me on the edge of a transitional period for myself. I find it speaks a lot to the testimony of community. I’ve always changed myself through a process of breaking myself down and starting anew. I’ve now discovered the reason this didn’t work is because people don’t really break. I could break myself down on a logical level but physically – it didn’t apply. Damn subconscious. So I was a-lookin at how awesome the seniors were and I think oh, that’s just the nature of our experience in the world. People build up. And so no longer do I feel a need to break myself down. I’ll just absorb all the awesome in the world like I already was anyway. Will H. and I were such parallel things we never ran into each other before but now we’re buds.


                                Sam F.





So in my last act of douche-baggery at SAYF I will instead of saying much that is meaningful (I think that I got most of that out last night), tell the best joke in the world. I doubt anyone can replicate this to the profound point that I have so I will memorialize it in text: Here it goes:

So this 30 ft. long sperm whale walks into a bar with a 6-pack of Bud. He sits at the bar and opens one of the beers and commences to chug it. At seeing this the bartender gets very angry. He says “What the hell are you doing? This is a bar and I’m the guy that gives you the beer. You can’t bring your own!” The whale looks at the bartender, gets up very calmly on his tail and says: “Wheeooooooo eeeeeeeeeeee ooooo wahooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo Waka waka wakaoooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………Hmmmmmmmmmieeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooumpf, (clicking noises) Wheeeeeoooooo mmmanmmmmmmmmuuarmmmm wahleeeeeeee KI! KI! KI! Ooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo ooooooooooo kaaeeeesaaeee eeeemooooooo mpah….oooompah….oooooooooompah….wahhhhhhhhh Hhhh…………… …………… …………………………………………………………………….OOOOOGA! Eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eesceesceeeecsseeeeeeeeeesesse Mooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooBooooo gee moooooooooooooooooooooooo

gee mooooooooogee (more clicking noises) Neee Neceec… ccceeesceseeeee L. Cruncheeueeeeeeeeeeeeercheeee Waka Waka Waka Waka weeeeeeeeeeeeeseoeseces

seeeeaeeeoooooooooooooompfpa oooooooooooooooeeeeeeeoooooomamamama

ooooooooooeeeceeeeceeeecce ooooooooooop…oooop…oooop…………………………….

OOOOP! Eeeeeeeeece WWWeeeeeeeee oooo weeeoooooooooooooooooojah. Aoooga…

Aroooga…pooga… ooooooooooooooooookah oookah.

Then he turned around and walked out of the bar.


I’m gonna mis ya’ll. I forgot you last night Will, Mollie was rushing me. I think that we could be peas in the same pod if we were legumes. But we are not so, I’m gonna stick with being really good friends. Maybe when I become famous I will turn us both into peas. Take care of Ellen. I think Little Milton said it best when he said: “we’re gonna make it”. We all will. Listen to my CD. Therese you get a free one. For once I’m done writing after only 2 pages.

-    Matthias the Dinosaur




This was my first time at SAYMA. I been having so much fun. I wish I did not have to leave. Hey, all you seniors. I am going to really miss you. I loved the workshops I went to. I only got to go to one of them because Ariel and I walked the whole campus looking where the James were. Since we did not find it till 1 hr and 30 min later we just went and played ping-pong. But it was still a lot of fun.

             Your Friend,





SAYMA rocks!! You all are a great bunch of people.

Love, Kody Kontz

This really was an absolutely amazing experience and I’m fortunate to have been taken here by my grandmother. Truthfully, the only reason I’m here is because FGC was put on such a small campus that the available space quickly ran out. This, at first. Was one of the most upsetting things for me this spring, but I’ve learned the truth of an odd saying. God never shuts a door without opening a window. This is definitely going to be the highlight of my summer. I got to meet up with 3 old friends from FGC but I’m walking away with so much more. And though SAYMA isn’t as long as FGC, I can feel those same deep bonds forming and I know I’ve made wonderful friends to last. It saddens me to know that I may never see any of you agai, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. It was great to meet you all. I hope to see you at FGC in the future because I’m not sure whether or not I’ll ever be able to come to SAYMA again. This really is a tragic farewell. My heart goes out to all of you, and I wish nothing but good fortune and a happy life for everyone here. Peace be with you.





It’s hard to believe I’ve been at SAYF for a year. It feel like so much longer, and a the same time it almost feels like so much shorter. Only a year ago I was sitting here watching others write and mourn the loss of the seniors. I even did a bit of crying myself. I think it is strange that I haven’t really cried yet, considering that I know these seniors so much better. Maybe it’s the feel that I do know them better unlike last years seniors who I had known for four days. Perhaps the entire reason I cried was because I had wanted to know them better but couldn’t. Maybe I’m just making excuses in my head and saying they aren’t leaving. Either way, I’ll miss you all so much. SAYMA was amazing. I would say more but that fact that I met everyone and so many close and/or amazing friends last year over does it. BAH! I’m rambling. Anyway, I love you guys all so much.


PS Conrad, you're going to have to wait until I get my braces off before we can be twins again.

PPS I bet you 5 bucks I’ll b bawling in 20 min.



I’m a very impatient Quaker sometimes and I’m sick of people who consider themselves liberal and open-minded dig or saying what they should do instead of what they want to do. SAYMA had helped me realize that I want to become more active and at least more educated about the ways of the world so I think I shall start as soon as possible in order to not become incredibly what I hate. The most meaningful experiences I’ve had this weekend have been with the adults in the community actually, but I have learned much and certainly had much more fun with the sayf teens. I sometimes find it hard treating the sayf community as special as some because I have a very special and loving community at my home and school, but I’ve found sayf to be more and more spiritually important, mentally jostling and lets not forget physically decaying to my mind and body. I thank all of you for showing me what a bizarre world we live in.

             Much love, Dr. Z





I’m so glad that I decided to come to SAYMA. I had so much fun this weekend – it’s like “woah”. Just don’t go all grammanatci on me. I’m really not up for this right now – I’m just to emotionally dry. I’m not sure I’m ready for clerking but I will learn as much as I can about it. Coming here ha helped me work through so many issues of mine, this retreat the most however. That’s all I can say. Good night and good luck.

-    Jimmy



Wow-wee kids, young humans. But not so-o young-old enough to know there is plenty of reason for cynicism in this culture, the human-created version of “order”, the way things are. Yet you go forward learning how it works, thinking about ways it could work better, learning and inventing better ways to love each other, and by extension, I believe better ways to love the rest of the creation we find ourselves in. I feel lucky to be invited in, as a person a half century more “seasoned” than many of you, to share your wisdom and your trust.

My first SAYMA with SAYF. What a revelation. I have done some pretty powerful ritual with my pagan friends, but I had absolutely no idea that there were Quaker mystery rites that go on nearly to dawn. until last night. Y’all blow me away!





             I’m back baby….after 2 long. I’ve missed so many retreats, I can’t think of a ….metaphor (a word I can’t spell to save a muskrat) I’ve missed da retreats cuz…well….Some times lady luck smiles and waves, other times she waves with one finger. So any ways…..ya….um….(insert worship journal entry that actually makes some sense and….ya)


                          Ben Hamill

PS Muskrats must be smart to spell their own name

PPS I like skitz

PPPS as in acing

PPPPS but I’m cool if you dat dosics

PPPPPS I’ll shut up now





Holy cow this is my last epistle as a SAYFer! Most of this retreat felt really surreal for me possibly due to lack of sleep but probably not. I loved the dance/walking/meditation workshop a whole lot, so I want to thank Ron McDonald greatly. I enjoyed worship sharing as well. I am glad that I got to meet the newbies this weekend even though I won’t really see you again for a long while at least.

I love this community, and I have one request for the people I’m leaving it behind to: take care of SAYF, love it, and remember the importance of the spiritual aspects as well as the social ones (though those can be spiritual as well). I don’t know if anything would bring me greater joy than coming back to visit and finding SAYF thriving as much as ever. I love you. I’ll miss you. But I hope I’ll see you soon.

                          Megan Potter


SAYMA IS THE HAPPIEST AND SADDEST RETREAT OF THE YEAR. It is the happiest retreat because it consists of 4 days instead of 3, yet SAYMA can be a very sad retreat because we must say goodbye to all of the seniors.

Matthias, if you come back there will eb cake, I swear.

Meagan, there will never be another SAYFer quite like you.

SAM, LM I don’t think anybody will ever replicate your amazing antics.

Liza, um…never mind…I’ll miss you.

Sam P You are smart and witty.

Raf, I don’t really know what to say.

Anyway, I felt really awake and aware this retreat which usually means I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. However, I managed to pick up interesting tidbits from my surroundings. First off, the beds at the dorm were really, really comfortable. This was not enough to make me sleep in them. The cafeteria food was very tasty at times but the cafeteria breakfast was subpar. (even though they had soda). Pie was a nice alternative to the usual birthday cake.

This retreat, more than any other, involved the theme of music. There was a workshop about pianos which was very great, and the FAPs brought some wonderful instruments, including bongo drums, guitars and (yes!) and acoustic bass. And no, I did not forget Sam and Sam’s rap.

So, until next time, I will miss many of the finer things of SAYF, such as phillip’s hair, Sam M’s Z-ness, Casey’s unfathomable wisdom and Doug’s laugh.

            In search of sleep,


PS Ben Hamill’s handwriting is radioactive. It decays over time.

PPS I’m really hungry. Those berries are starting to look good…

PPPS The hammock is really comfy yet it is also slowly decaying.




Winnie is a good pillow


PS Saw the logs,

         SAYMA to blogs.



This has been my second time at SAYMA, and my second SAYF retreat. Out of these two SAYMAs that I have been at, I must say that this one has been the lost fun. This is especially true, because I actually made some new friends and acquaintances besides those that I already knew. This retreat has also been greater spiritually because the serene landscape of the campus has helped me relax and think.



This is my fist year or weekend at SAYF. I loved it. Everyone is so nice to me. They made me feel comfortable. I am so going to come back!


Right now, for some reason, I have the graduation on my mind No, I’m not suffering from the common illness where you ignore people’s flows and start crying about how you are going to miss them, I was thinking about how everyone was talking about how far the seniors would go And I thought about it, actually something I saw this morning brought it up, Matthias, you are going to go far in life. Now I’m not gonna say anything about Karma, but I think that you are going to go very, very far. I swear Matthias, you are probably going to be the best con artist America has ever seen. As for everybody else, I would say mean things about you too but a) I’m to nice and b) I’m to lazy, so enjoy your lack of smart ass comments which you can. Onwards to another random subject!

Phorest, can I please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please PLEASE keep your awesome jacket? Please? It fits me better than you anyway, and, and, and,….Oh whatever, please let me keep it, or at least borrow it until….next SAYMA, or how about April, yeah, next April, or even March, I can do that too.

Oh, and Liza, I just wanted to say, one last time that I love and worship our STFU shirt. Worship it. Or at least I do. Then again……lets just not get into weird religion practices shall we? Actually, you know what? Just ignore what I wrote from the end of the thing about Phorest on down. Don’t get mad at me, I just wanted a full page, is that such a crime? Say it, Say it, SAY IT!! Ok fine, I’ll give in to my inner Dex….

             Chickens go BOK BOK BOK, Willamae






Hello People! Wow, This is amazing! I wish all SAYF retreats could be like this, Yes, 5 days of hanging out, sleeping, playing games,[playing music and pigin out! I can’t believe that I’m not going to see all of you for 5 months (NOOOO). Recently we have all been talking about the seniors. Now I’m going to talk about other people (not that I don’t love all you seniors).

Willamae: Give me the jacket back!

Ernest: Why did SAYMA have to be without cheesecake?

Philup: I miss your old hair.

Will: I love your guitar.

And everyone else, sorry I could not get to you, but…..well I love y’all anyway.

             Lots of Love (and bad spelling)

                          Phorest C.

PS Steven wanted me to write something for him so here goes:

Hello SAYFers, YAFs, and FAPs! I miss you all so much and when I heard that Worship Journals are now called epistles I told Phorest to write:

“Nuts to Epistles. I am going to say Worship Journal, Worship Journal Worship Journal Worship Journal Worship Journal Worship Journal Worship Journal etc.

             Love ya,








SAYMA has been quite a lovely experience for me. About this time a week ago, I was surrounded by my notes and textbooks, studying in 2 hour blocks, only breaking for food and sleep. My last exam was on Wednesday and then I left for SAYMA. What better way to begin my summer vacation? Being this is my first SAYMA, I got see the many ways it is different from SAYF. More people, more pools, more days, and NO DINNER CLEANUP!! But I must also say goodbye to many wonderful people who have shaped my life over the past year. Since SAYF, not only do I feel a stronger connection to Quakerism but a stronger connection to myself. SO now we must return to the cloudy vague world that is non-SAYF (Anti-SAYF at times). I say goodbye until I see you again, and have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat summer.




I don’t understand myself. Sometimes I’m completely exhausted and can’t talk easily to anyone, and later in the same day I drink one sip of watered down lemonade and get so hyper I start to fear that people will think I’m high on something, which of course, I never am.

Okay, how about the retreat. This retreat was wonderful! From Thursday night to Sunday, I have really enjoyed myself. The music walk we did Friday morning was extremely fun. I love dancing. The second song played, though, the Gitliner Fugue, I was having trouble walking to because I played that song in the band this year. I played the huge oboe solo at the start of it, so while Ron played it I was having trouble deciding whether to cower in the corner or sing my part, either of which would have made me look extremely silly. On Friday, I participated in the healing workshop. It was an amazing experience. On Saturday I went to the piano workshop. That was also extremely nice. He is an amazing pianist. Just for a slightly random thought, did anyone else notice the walls were made of foam? Yes, I know, the foam helps capture the sound so it doesn’t echo endlessly through the room. But still, I could have pulled off chunks of that stuff if I wanted to.

The talent show was also very exciting. I must admit, the entire time my brother was up there rapping, I was sitting, thinking, What is that boy doing! Stop embarrassing me Sam! You can ask the people sitting with me, I was saying it aloud. I love you Sam. Graduation was very moving and _______________ at the same time. I loved seeing the seniors playing with fire, and I also managed to pour hot was all over my hands, legs, and neighbor. Sorry Eli. Alright, I’ll stop talking now. I really will miss all the graduated, and the rest of you, come back next retreat.

            - Rachel Leeman-Munk





Cathi’s Collection of Random Thoughts:


Max I hope you are feeling better and I wish you had been able to come! We all mis you.


Being a couple at SAYF takes thought: Not only does one have to balance their inward & outward focus, but one has to balance their couple & group focus. Couples have existed gracefully within SAYF in the past - it can be done, kids.

SAYF-T-NET = young & old working together.

Pie is very good food doe retreats- Let’s keep that in mind.

Let me leave you with these words: Be SAFE J


Arrrrrr….. These things are so furiating, epistles. Well, actually no, they’re good for getting your words out, but we all know that you always forget something, but I’m going to try not to forget anything, try. First, I would like to recognize some people that are here, and maybe, one or two that are not. A lot of names may be mentioned, and I know how much everyone loves having public readings about themselves, so I apologize if I can’t write about you.


Starling - you’re my best friends, and not only will I miss coming to SAYF with you, I will miss daily life with you.

Ellen – your artistic talent is great, and greatly appreciated. Not only that, you are a great person.

Will H – Thank you for staying in the dorm with me, you didn’t have to, but I really am glad you did. Who else would I share my……well, who else would I talk to about everything?

Casey – Hooray for you, you and your shirt.

Wren – I applaud you, and all the FAPs, for the work you do.

Liza – How much will I miss you? You can fill in the blank with, “so much whoa crazy now what!?!” for you and all seniors.

Sophie – Thanks for being my friend.

 I love almost, ok, all of you very much and in our own unique way. Each and everyone of you young friends make great people, and I’m very glad I decided to come to SAYMA, nd my continuation to SAYF.

See you in August, nurturers, and maybe in September, but most def. October.

I love you,


PS Mithias is rad.

PPS Sorry for all the myspace denials, but I only accept people with “the secret”; however, feel free to message me anytime.

PPPS Someone kill my myspace account!

PPPPS Conrad is a ho.



I spoke about all you graduates last night, but there are a few other people who are leaving who I did not yet get to mention. So here goes. Geneva, I love how you can be so beautifully calm and so full of life at the same time. You were probably one of my best friends at SAYF. I’ll miss you. Jeremy, I didn’t know you for very long, but you always struck me as a very cool person who I could talk to easily. Thanks for that. Starling, I’m sorry I only started really talking to you in January. You are quirky, awesome girl and those people in Virginia will be lucky to have you come into their life. OK, that’s all the peopleness for now. It was good to see all you spicy quakers again. Thank you all for this community so full of peace and hugs and laughter.





I am completely new to this group and there are small chances that I should return. I have made friends here and it pains me to leave them. But the have taught me more than any school could. To have fun, you only need yourself and your companions (although squirt guns help too). That is the greatest knowledge in the world, and I will hold it dear to my hearts a long with my experiences at SAYF.



This is the 1st time I have ever been 2 SAYF. I came because some friends said it was fun but the people here are weird. And they were right. I wasn’t expecting as much strangeness as I got. I mean seriously, some pretty weird shit keeps on happening. But how I am to judge? I men I think I really freaked out some people with my hyper moment last night. It was pretty fun 2 see peoples’ faces. U can get some pretty great reactions from dancing around, more like hopping but whatever, and sing Spongebob. Spongebob rules, so I don’t see why they were freaked.

Ahh, I lost my train of thought. Got it back! I meant to say that they even though it was weird, it was loads of fun. I had lots of laughs. And some great memories. I don’t think I will ever see guys frenching guys and people just jumping on others 4 random moments or reasons other than SAYF.




This is my first time with SAYF and I think it’s really cool. I really like going swimming and I’m really glad there were water guns because they were really fun. I think the most fun workshops was intergenerational games. I think the campus is cool to. I hope you do it here again. I’ve made some new friends here too.






(also, where #@&!? Is Sam Preston?)

(Was he eaten by BEARS?)


This years SAYMA has been great, hope next years’ will be just as fun.

                          ♣♣♣Ayesha ♣♣♣




The bunnies tried to get us this weekend, but the Q ninja squad asked them to leave.



This may be a first…….song lyrics from a FAP. I first learned this a few months ago, though it isn’t new – and it’s been haunting me

             Some day my baby when I am a man

             And others have taught me the best that they can

             They’ll sell me a suit

             And cut off my hair

             And send me to work in tall buildings

One of the greatnesses of SAYF is that it’s a place where it’s ok to care about things, people, ideas – it’s ok to care passionately. So what I hope for all of you, as you grow into adulthood, that you’ll be able to find work that you care passionately about. If that takes you to tall buildings, fine. But go with your passion.