From June 7-10, 2007 the Southern Appalachian Young Friends gathered at Yearly Meeting to share our friendship with each other, and with the wider SAYMA community, and to say good bye to our SAYF graduates. This is our witness, this is our story:

This is my second SAYMA and it was such an entirely different experience from the last one. At last years SAYMA I was a noobie, the only person I knew was Casey. I clung to him and was completely preoccupied with meeting all these new people. I didn’t even know who the seniors were until a few hours before graduation ceremony and was among the people who left after the first hour. This year I stayed the entire ceremony. I got cold, hungry, highly uncomfortable, tired, had to pee like never before, and my spikes wilted. And I didn’t care, I didn’t get up. All I could think about were all my memories with these wonderful amazing people. Especially Casey, seeing him go is very sad for me, but at the same time I’m filled with hope and joy for him. This must be reminiscent of what a parent feels like when their child finally leaves the house to go on their own. This whole SAYMA has been so different for me. This time I knew almost everyone, clung to no one, and got all mushy at the seniors leaving. Maybe I’ll do the same thing to someone. Maybe I’ll bring an old friend next SAYMA and they can see me graduate. That’d be pretty funny huh?


               Philip Jurov

I like you. I love you. I will miss you. I want to be with you. I don’t know what to do without you. I want to get to know you. I want you and me to be best friends. I want to learn from you. I want to teach you. I want to nurture you. I want to hold you. I want to lie in your arms and cry and laugh and sing and smile.

This can be anyone. This can be me, this can be you.

This is for all of you,


Well then.... This was my 2nd real retreat, the first one being the last one in Nashville. It was fun, lots. I will miss lots of people until the next retreat. (When is it?)

Winona – I love you too and you remind me of Pooh Bear.

Rachel, I really do love your nose, and I had such a great time with you. It was nice to meet Casey, Dr. Z, Austin, Brittany, Jimmy, Molly, Jo, Will, Joe, Daniel, Gabby and Michael. There are even a few other people that I don’t know yet. I wish that I knew all of the seniors much better. Ellen - I really loved sharing my/your name with you. Phillip – you’re just great. Really all I can say about anybody is that they’re great. Alise is great, Sam is great, I love Julie, Lauren, Chrissy, Samantha are great. Joseph is great. If anybody is ever sad or something they should get a hug from Camry, who gives truly the best hugs ever. She’s probably tired of me saying that, but really I love you all, people I know, people, I talked to, people I don’t know, people I didn’t even talk to. EVERYONE OF Y’ALL IS AMAZING!!!

                          Love, Ellen A.

Thank you all for being here. Unlike most people here, my school ended on Wednesday. The day before SAYMA. For the past three weeks I’ve been dealing with finals, papers and realizing that I can’t stand being around one of my best friends anymore, because of the way she treats people. I was desperately looking forward to this all that time, and it was all I could have hoped for. Thank you so much.

Alright, now I’m going to talk about each of the seniors again, because I sound so much more serene and heartfelt in writing than I do in real life.

● Jimmy- thank you so much for just being there for me. All my life everything’s been changing, but you’ve always stayed there. I know I’ve been annoying at times, but somehow you’ve dealt with me. One of my fondest memories of you is sitting at my computer making Hogwarts on

Sims 2. They really need to make a robe one of the possible outfits. I love you more than I can possibly say, my darling brother.

● Ellie- Having you talk to me means the world to me. Your laughter, your spirit, you bringing joy wherever you go. At one point I was trying to convince a friend to come to SAYF, and I described you. She reminds me of you in some ways, but she is not quite as squeaky. Just hearing about someone like you made her really want to come. Hopefully she’ll come to the September retreat. I envy your ability to be yourself, and dance, and I’m in love with your wardrobe. Plus, you’re married to my sister, Ori, so you’re practically my sister too.

● Casey – You are part of the reason I go to meeting every Sunday without fail. Not because of my weirdo friendship with you, more because you are so much fun to talk to. I love historical fiction, and you are practically a novel yourself. Thank you so m uch for talking to me, even after everything. I was afraid you wouldn’t.

● Mark – You are amazing. You have an aura of calmness and self-confidence and you spread it to everyone around you. Just seeing your face makes me smile. Thank you for being there and thank you for your hugs.

● Nate – Oh, Nate. You have always been yourself, each and every time I’ve seen you. As a puny 7th grader, I remember being fascinated by how insanely friendly and focused you are. It’s still the same, although you have matured so uch. You still jump on people during wink, and not during wink, and you still play the same music, at the same volume J. You still makeme eant to dance. Stay who you are. Don’t let anyone change you. I will love you forever.

● Brittany – Oh honey, you make me want to laugh and cry at the same time every time I see you. In the short time I’ve known you, I feel like I’ve done more things with you than anyone else. I still connect you with Raf, and with that crazy nurturing retreat. I am going to miss you sooo much. Your laughter, and smile, and nazi-like cleaning habits. I will send you letters, and I hope you suddenly have the urge to see Chapel Hill at some point so I can see you.

             All my love, hugs, and heart,


Considering the emotional graduation last night, I will not fill my epistle with reasons why all the seniors are so amazing. With saying that, there is one memory that I would like to share, about Nate. While driving back from one of the retreats in Thomas (our rental bus) Nate was sitting on the top of one of the seats, talking and not paying attention. Since we were driving in Atlanta, some crazy thing happened and Mark had to stop unexpectedly, and Nate flew backwards. Moving back to this retreat. This was my 3rd SAYMA and they just keep getting better. I never really appreciated the extra day that SAYMA allows until now and I wish we still had another. I don’t know what else to say, so I’ll stop. Love you all, Emily

Yesterday afternoon I counted all of the retreats I have ever attended as a SAYFer and it comes to 36. That is about 6 years of Quakery goodness.

I am ready to move on and become a YAF but I did not really get a chance to say goodbye during graduation last night due to the moo-ing kidnappers....uh, interruption. So I will say goodbye here.

Firstly, to my fellow graduates:

Jimmy: I said what I had to, I sure do love you.

Casey: Your constant knowledge baffles me. I love all of your “useful facts of life”. Well, not so useful but certainly fascinating. I never would have known half so much about Irish gang wars and marsupials, or whatever it is, if not for you.

Nate: Yes, yes, I know that I don’t really know you too well so there’s not much I can actually say, but keep going. You will go far.

Mark: One time after a retreat I went home and I was in my kitchen and there were oranges and I thought, “damn I wish I could juggle!” So I tried and really sucked at it. A lot.

Brittany: You are so much fun. And I can’t remember who said it last night but you are really fun to rant and complain with. I just love expressing my anger and frustration with you. It just feels so good. I love you.

And to Oriana who is not here. You are one of the most wonderful people (is that correct) I have ever had the fortune to meet. You are caring, and energetic, and if I might say so, quite intelligent and beautiful. I love you with all my heart and hope that I can see you more often than the odd SAYMA here and there. Expect spontaneous midnight calls from me to discuss wonders of waffles, bacon and constellations.

So that is all for the seniors but there are so many of you that I want to say goodbye to who are staying with this community for the time being.

To Sig and Wren and all of the FAPs, FADs and nightwatchers: I appreciate all that you have done over the years and thank you for helping us keep SAYF alive. Its great to have someone there at 6:30 in the morning when I wake up to early because of sleeping on the floor to sit there with in a walking dead like stupor with a cup of strong coffee. Thank you for that, and I will see you again.

Now to the SAYFers and such.

Austin and Sam (both Miron and Fisher): You three make me laugh and smile and just feel good. I love being around you guys and your crazyness. And in fishers case, music. I will miss you.

Bonnie and Sophie: You guys are being lame in Africa and Ireland (what the hell?) so I can only say goodbye on paper. Which is silly. Love.

Will Harmon: I don’t think I can top last night. That was pretty damn impressive. I will say goodbye with a memory. At your first retreat you told me you wanted to be a brain surgeon and asked if you could examine my scalp. I thought that was a little strange. But I love you anyways.

Alice: Holy crap I think you are really cute.

Rachel: Remember the days of wink with guys like Will Fisher and such. You would always get annihilated. It was rather adorable. One day you will beat them all with your brain power.

Ivy: Driving all the hell over the place with you has been great. Seriously.

Ernest: I am sorry that I never really talked with you. You are so quiet and reserved that sometimes that is hard. I do believe that you will grow into yourself and ....blossom? Somehow I don’t think that that is the right word, but I hope you know what I mean, despite rather poor diction.

Lauren: Oh wow I love having my hair carefully romped by you.

Okaaay...Conrad: You are one of the best friends I have had, and will ever have. I truly do think that we have almost melted together. Do you remember the bird man in Pritchard Park? I think of you every time I see him which is actually quite frequently. Also, every time I see a pigeon. Holy crap. It is going to be so hard going for half a year...a year maybe without seeing you. You should also expect many strange calls. I love you very much and you are always welcome in my life and in my house. (My mom loves you too).

Molly: I have known you for the majority of my life and you are what made me who I am today. You basically are my childhood. We played in trees, in mud, in grass, in the doghouse, in the laundry baskets, in creeks and even, if my memory serves me correctly, in massive amounts of “chocolate pudding fondue stuff”. That was fun.

We have been through so much together in such a short time which is our lives: life, love, laughter and death. I’ve been through it all with you and will miss you greatly next year. You are my other half, or at least my third. I love you.

To all of the rest, and the newbies, and the newish ones, you are the future of SAYF and I think it is in good hands. I just want to tell you this: SAYF will go through excellent patches and horribly terrible patches. Sometimes it will suck a lot but just stay with it no matter how hard it may get, because it always gets better. You will know exactly what I mean when the time comes, just remember that.

All my love and I will see you all again.


Looking back on these past two years being in SAYF, I realize how much this community has grown. I think and know that, that is the best part about this group of people. I hate the fact of knowing that people are graduating and all, my brother being part of that group. It amazes me that I know these graduates will always do well in everything they do. No matter how hard it is.

Well moving on to this retreat. Getting up here was fun, and went by really fast, owing to the amount of crazy stuff we did on the way. The activities were completely amazing. The comedy show too! The workshop that I went to on Friday with the 2000 Jerusalem thing with the music from the piano was great. The other workshop on Saturday was with JYM and we played capture the flag, popcorn, and Frisbee, which were all fun including the water which wearing a white tee shirt is not supposed to be involved but it was! Meeting for Business took forever it seemed. Nurturing Committee meetings....made me move, when I got comfortable, to join in...oh ad welcome new nurturers, all nurturers besta be at August! My b-day is that Sunday!!! Worship sharing was great. Ok I think I’m done, wait, never mind. I am.

♣ always,


PS I guess I’m not done yet!

Popcorn!!! Butter!!! Popcorn!!!

  Ok now I’m done....wait!

     Ya I’m done.

PPS No I’m not done. I ♣ ice cream! Tons & tons and TONS and Doug’s grilled cheese.

PPS apparently I’m not done!

Max! I’m not to happy! 2nd SAYMA you miss! You promised you were coming!

Ok I’m done.

PPPS Ok I have something to say to Ellen F. I have a large perfect coffee mug for you, but I forgot to bring it. I’ll bring it next SAYMA or retreat you are visiting.


I really enjoyed this SAYMA trip and enjoyed the activities that we got to do. I was a little disappointed that there was no swimming but I still liked this retreat.

I had a great time here at my first SAYMA. This was my 2nd retreat. Although I kinda felt bad when I first came to the dorm because the first person I saw was Phorest and I immediately remembered at the last retreat when Dex and some other kids taped him to a pole with electrical tape. But after that I had a wonderful time. I met some awesome people, like Rachel, Joe, and Emmanuel, except the fact that Joe wrote on my shirt that I was on sale for $5. It was also fun last night when I came back to the dorm and Beth, Terra, Taylor, Emanuel and I sat in a little circle and told funny stories and jokes. Also, before this, I enjoyed sitting at lunch with my brother, Tim, and some other friends and talking about funny videos we had watched on YouTube, like Charlie the Unicorn.


Autumn Traynham

Thanks, I guess....I mean OK my new haircut looks a hell of a lot like a bowl cut, but, you know I can be cool with that (if I have enough hair clips). I never even knew that there was a haircut called the screwdriver. And, definite thanks for telling me now that I have an “obnoxious yuppie accent”. SAYFers, thanks for being the deliciously obnoxious people you are, and helping me to get over the fact that yes, Dex and Ivy just did tag team ass groping on me, and it really isn’t a big deal to run around barefoot cussing about how hot the tiles are. And after you do that, laughing yourself into the ground because the hall that you have to go into has a big signon it that says no bare feet, and really laughing even harder because you were wrong and you don’t really have to go in there is fine. It really is.

Seniors, we never really talked, but Jimmy is such a sexy beast, and Brittany and Mark and Ellen are just such a natural part of SAYF and I mean, I don’t like Nate’s music, but I’ll miss it just the same, and nobody can talk like Casey and you people were all just so there, and so real, I’m not really sure what SAYF will be without you.

-     Willamae B.

Alise, I know how to spell, Moron. (Alice’s comma).

My favorite thing about SAYF/SAYMA is how tolerant and open minded it makes me feel when I leave. I meet so many interesting people who I had judged for someone entirely too bizarre to be so cool but now I see the light. Now I am attracted to every kind of bizarre person and I want to know the story of the world. After SAYF I want to read books and run and get involved.

I used to think only girls could make me do that. I guess I just would like to thank you all for being so diverse and interesting, yet so equally loving and fun.

             Thanks, Dr. Z.

This is my first time ever playing wink, and I just wanted to say how crazily amazing and fun it was. - Samuel L.

I am so sad to be going. Everyone has done so much for me. I am so grateful, that I will return the favor. If you need to talk to someone about anything at all give me a call.

 My # is 678-477-1700. I love you all very much.

Love, hugs, kisses, and your momma.         Nate

A close friend of mine graduated from the college a few months back, and I was somehow convinced that her absence would result in chaos and misery. When I went to hug her goodbye after the graduation ceremony, she could tell I was upset, and said only one thing: “This is just the beginning”. In the current, somewhat bittersweet situation, and in most others that make me feel like things are over, I try to remind myself of that. Everything is still just another beginning.

That said, I will miss all of you greatly, though I know we’ll all see each other again.

Conrad, I’m not sure that there are any words in the English language to really describe you. You’ve helped me through a lot, from hugs to drawings to simply agreeing with me about how stupid people are. I’ve enjoyed all of the time I’ve spent with you. I can’t go a few days without thinking of some conversation or experience we’ve had, and then I feel weird when I’ll say something about the memory, but my friends in Berea aren’t privileged enough to know you. You will not be forgotten, and In will still see you a great deal in the future.

Rachel, I love you very much. Ignore whatever awkwardness and insecurity you may feel. You are great, anyone lucky enough to get to be friends with you will be very, very happy. You are one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and you desire to be friendly to every single person you meet is inspiring.

Winona, I’ve had so much fun with you, both at SAYF and in Berea. You are a very “centered” person, and you can bring joy and calmness into anything you do.
Wren, thank you for everything. Thank you for allowing us these opportunities to meet such amazing friends, and for providing me a calm and reasonable ear when I’ve needed it. I simply can’t express how grateful I am.

Obviously, there are more of you, and I love you all so much, but this is a start. You should all remember how great you are, and know how much you’ve helped me to grow over the past year.

             Very much love,


I’ve been coming to SAYMA since before I was born. That means before it was at Warren Wilson, which it’s been here for a really long time. I know my way around campus without a map, and I know that the meatloaf is good. This is my first year in SAYF though. I haven’t gone to any retreats before this, so when I got here I didn’t really know anyone except people who were recently in JYM and people from Berea. I found it odd that even though I have come to SAYMA for 12 – 13 years, I was considered a newbie. SAYF. But, on the other hand, Terra, Autumn and Bethany have never been to SAYMA but they know people.

At SAYF, most of the time was spent having fun. Even the first night, when we were in the room with the window open and people came up and talked to us, and then the girls came inside to say hi. And our free time was fun, we did everything from eating cereal by the handful to going to the free store. Last night after graduation we were just sitting there telling jokes and it was one of the most fun parts. So was painting our nails and then hearing the comments about how the room smelled. The meals were fun too, even though we basically did the same thing. Don’t forget – I like bugs!

                          Taylor Satterthwaite


Every epistle I wonder if I’ll write something masterful, capturing perfectly even just one moment or vignette of so much time shared, but then sitting in silence (or something like it) tapping into vast oceans of light anf love, words seem less prevalent, & I am reminded of a Taoist principle that as soon as you put your truth into words, it becomes untrue. While I don’t agree completely, words cannot adequately capture what I’m feeling right now, but here I go anyway.

This retreat I realized that silence, the rich, full kind is a necessity for me, & I have been starving myself of it. Once I got over my anti-socialness & hermetic tendencies I really enjoyed this SAYMA, however it seemed very sedated to me & I also would’ve liked some sort of get to know you games b/c it was difficult to get acquainted with so many people I didn’t know in a short time.

When sharing a blanket, even if it is yours, you have to get up some time, and others fill in the wake of your absence. SAYF is like that blanket. Er. Yeah. Graduation. I only cry like that once a year, of course it’s tempered by hysterical bursts of laughter. I wonder what aliens would think if they were watching, they might wonder if we were about to sacrifice those in the center as part of some ritual of candle lit doom. Gladly it’s more benign than that.

Unspoken memories, pacts, promises are released as sighs of carbon, wafting away with citronella incense that did not repel the mosquito now preserved in wax in my candle, kept company by others prone to self immolation. One day I’ll use the blood from that mosquito to clone something, maybe it will be one of you.

Okay I’ll wrap this up, one day Ellie will be the messiah & her apostles will join me in hang gliding from the voluptuous crest of Will Harmon’s hair and scale the treacherous peaks of Phillip’s mohawk.

             Love – Molly

PS Seniors you know how much I love you, this isn’t good bye.

So much warm fuzzy goodness.

          Winona Kuntz

Popcorn! Butter! Popcorn! Oh Goodness! I think that playing that game with the JYM was so much fun! But...we seemed to keep loosing the popcorn! Hehe! Sry! That was the first thing that popped up in my head! So back to the beginning.....the car ride up here was crowded! It Was Alise, Samantha, and I ALL crushed together in the backseat of the van to watch movies! After a while...I felt a little light-headed and thought this was all a big mistake! When we arrived...there was no one here...& we had to unpack everything. After a while...we saw Dex, Phorest, Emanuel & I (if I forgot one of you...sry). so we all ended up sitting in the kitchen, all night, talking about the most random stuff ever! Then we went to day....MORE PPL!....I don’t reli remember what happened that day except I greeted a bunch of ppl! Then...IDK...I guess we all ended up hanging out & stuff. OhYea! One thing I do remember that day was helping Doug with all his stuff! Goodness!!! He packed more stuff than I did....&I packed a lot! I still don’t remember much except for the piano guy was amazing, Peterson (comedy man) was hilarious, Doug’s grilled cheese is amazing, me not reli eating n e thing except for chips & ice cream & playing capture the flag. We won....& then we started having a water fight! Grr! I was reli cold! But I no I’m forgetting something...but...I’m tired.

            Love Chrissy

Well my last time being a SAYFer has come along. We’ve had some good thymes and good times. I have to say something profound and meaningful here, but I got nothing, sorry. I can only say that you need to try to talk with everyone here. They are all awesome and I wish I could of gotten to know everyone even more. Have fun guys and remember I’ll be here next year to get you graduates.

             Love, Casey

Years ago I attended a program that teens at our Meeting did to tell us about SAYF. What I remember most id they said SAYF is a community where everyone is accepted for who they are. I have thought many times since – What would it be like to be part of a community that accepts me so completely? Can I do a better job of accepting the people in my community? Thank you for welcoming me into your community this weekend. You are all wonderful.

    Love, Jennifer


I’m new at SAYMA. When I came I was like oh my god nobody here knows me. I don’t have any friends. I can’t say a lot about the place. It’s all right. I’m thinking about starting to go to more retreats. I had a fairly good time. I didn’t make a ton of friends, but I made some. It’s not extremely hard to fit in, but it is a lot harder when your one of the youngest. All the people that graduated from SAYF seemed like really awesome people. I never knew any of them, but I really wish I had.

             DeForest Barnette

Imagine this: a small not-so quiet room in a familiar place. The furnishings are simple: a few chairs, a table & 2 refrigerators. In the doorway stands a man; on two chairs sits a boy & a girl and on the floor sits another girl. Next to the girl on the floor sits a waffle maker that is oozing the “makes 12-14 waffle” waffle mix that had been entirely poured in to make only 4 waffles.

Now picture this: the girl on the floor realizes there is a small helpless bug, lying next to her knee, that is on its back. Feeling sorry for the small bug, she attempts to flip him on his legs WHEN SUDDENLY he flew up from on his back and nearly hit the girl in the face causing her to produce a sound something along the lines of “ahhkahh”.

Aah, making waffles at midnight is GREAT!



Thank you for your wisdom, your integrity, your newness, your comforting ways, and your quiet worship with one another.

You listen well to yourselves & each other.

             In the Light, FAP Laura

♪ “If I had wings, Just like a dove,

             I’d fly cross the heavens to the (ones) I love.

             Fair thee well my (darlings), fair thee well...”

                          -Odetta song, plurals added.  

Mary had a little lamb little lamb little lamb Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went Mary went Mary went. Everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go. It followed her to school one day, school one day school one day. It followed her to school one day (which was against the rules). It made the children laugh and play, laugh and play, laugh and play. It made the children laugh and play to see a lamb at school. But the lamb had mad lambs disease, mad lambs disease, mad lamb disease. But the lamb had mad lambs disease and gave the TB or something. And then the children were stolen away and eaten by fairies, notable amongst them, Conrad. Now GO TO SLEEP!

                          ♣ Jimmy

Well I began the year comparing SAYF to a flowing river at the Chapel Hill retreat, so it seems fitting that I end the year with the same metaphor. When considering rivers and related waterways, it is important to remember that water does not begin anywhere or end anywhere. They flow into and out of other water. The tributary that is SAYF leads to many other places. Our senior eaters don’t disappear when they leave our river, they become a part of something bigger. Graduation isn’t a funeral, it is merely a shift. Life flows on.

-     Austin

Oh SAYMA retreats

We have such bittersweet Times

Love is everywhere.

This was my second year at SAYF, and I felt really excepted. I met some really great people, and hope to keep in touch. We did some great things this year even though the pool was closed, and there was no talent show. What I mean by great is that we hung out, and did workshops (that game workshop was awesome). I also saw some of my friends from last year, and a friend from JYM from 2 years ago.

Everyone at SAYF are really nice and I am thankful for that. This has been a great year.

Emanuel Feely

Thank you, Friends

Please bring the love and acceptance that you nurture so wonderfully here to the wider world as you mature into adulthood.

            Tom Munk

Late worship journal. Carrot-top with that hair!! I’ll miss all the SAYMA! I can’t stand the fact that I won’t be seeing some of the seniors! I love you Terra and thanx for being so sweet. And everyone, I love you.


HAIKU! by Sam Fish

Type them with care this time fool!

just kidding, love, love.

1. Tension building through

entire Thursday working long

SAYMA sneaking up

packed my bags before

So why so much packing now?

I will get lost soon.

This will be on a

lengthy van ride in the fast

ambient landscape.

I will be, Says I

eating well, sleeping better.

This is not real though.

2. I’m there now and so

it doesn’t matter at all.

ecstatic bodies

know small time is held before

both sleep and leaving.

leaving, a fast blur

like the road on the way here

it is a brilliant

chromatic smudge on memory.

it so much so fast

you all travel well.

I am going to Athens

I am leaving home.

             Sam Fisher

3. Panda fast baby

boo woop burger pickin yeah

bow chick a wow wow

Wait dude, important stuff

Smack that!

Friends please!

your adopted! SHUT UP!

Yes, it appears that

not only go we have cliques

but opposing gangs.

you’re all so tight.

don’t waste this on bastardry....

or I will whine lots.

This SAYMA was fun. I’m going to miss all the people I got to know. And even though I don’t know all the seniors THAT well....I’m going to miss them too. I can’t wait ‘till the next retreat! I’m already excited! I hope I get to know everyone better next retreat!


Hey everybody, even though it breaks my heart to say it must tell your Friends eventually...(sigh)....I got....a My-Space page. Oh God! I’M A FREAK! Oh well Just thought I’d let you know.

Since I didn’t get a chance to talk at all last night I’ll talk now.

NATE: The first time I met Nate was at my first Lil’ S.A.Y.F. shindig. It was Saturday morning and, some of us were playing B.S. (Bullshit) and then I feel a cold breeze and Nate walks in through the door and says “I’ve made an omelet out of 2 dozen eggs. Who wants to eat it with me?” I stood up and said “Yes, I do” so we went into the kitchen...and there is was...the most beautiful omelet ever ...and DAMN was it Good. And then we both learned that we have the same love for “Animal House”. And to the Day you can hear us saying “Toga, Toga, Toga, Toga, Toga, TOGA!!

Jimmy: My favorite Jimmy moment was at the last Atlanta Shindig and some of us were sitting on a couch. And Phillip made some Rock Star comment to me and then anyone who sat down on the couch was my groupie. And who else but Jimmy shows up and sits on the back of the couch and I say “Jimmy you’re one of my groupies now”. And he says “Oh but I don’t know what to do. I’m just so young and insane” and while this was going on (his lil’ speech) his hand was creepin’ down my shirt. So there’s my story about JIMMY.

Ellen: Sorry for never really hanging out with you that much. Maybe if I knew that you had such a passion for coffee as I do.

Brittany: The first time we talked was in Nashville (can I get wa-wa?) and in I came. You sitting in a little food place with some people. I tell a joke. You laughed, then said something in “SMART people Talk”...and I waked away looking for a dictionary.

MARK: What to say about Mark? Oh I know. YOU KICK ASS!

Casey: Atlanta....You...Floor....Me....Walked in...You...Grabbed Legs....You...Had Lunch.


PS Toga, Toga, Toga, Toga TOGA.

PPS Dex and I were up until 3-o-clock Wednesday night writing songs and we lost all of them!!!

PPPS Nate when I graduate, kidnap me wearing a Black toga and combat boots.

For me, this retreat has been a combination of extremes. Everything was either wonderful or horrible at any given moment, with very little neutral time. But, despite that, I have a story for you:

Midnight in the kitchen, we be makin waffles. Look at that bug, just laying there dead on its’ back, its’ legs gasping for AAAAHHH!

Alise shrieks like a 12 year old boy. Perhaps the bug isn’t dead afterall. We name himpete and hide him under a cup.

             The End

-     Ivy

Hey all,

This was my second time at SAYMA. I still have to say I had a really great time this year as last year. I promise you all that I will be @ more than 1 retreat next year. Yah, Imma going to miss all of you seniors. Well g2g.

Luv you guys


I ate waffles! Dems wuz good if a little under done. When we had returned from graduating and whilst there were very few people around Alise and I decided that we were hungry. Upon finding a kitchen rather void of food, our search for edible things that was not salami-bagel-cheesecake sandwiches became more desperate. That is until one of us came across a box of pancake/waffle mix, just add water!!! Then our mission was clear: make waffles on the floor. After setting the waffle iron on the floor, Alise mixed the batter (just add water) and I poured the entire batch (makes 12-14) into said waffle iron. This made 4 waffles. While waiting for the few waffles to cook, the dear FAP watching us became concerned, and said he would get the man who could make waffles. This seemed reasonable, but as he turned to leave, the doorway miraculously became one with his face, very violently. A few seconds later, I became close friends with the fridge, nearly introducing it to the floor. As if everything was out to get us, very soon Alise was attacked by a killer moth, named Pete. Let this serve as a warning: Never trust an empty kitchen.

Other than that this weekend/week has been great. I’ve seen Friends, made new ones, and am losing old ones. I’m going to miss Jimmy’s nakedness in the night.

             Cheers, Dex