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Additional information about retreat themes, what to bring, directions and contact info are mailed out and posted on the AwesomeSAYFers home
page a week or two before each retreat.  If you have attended a SAYF retreat within the past year you will be on our mailing list or you can
request inclusion by emailing name and address to AwesomeSAYFers[at]  For regular monthly retreats the teens themselves handle all of the planning with the consultation of a local meeting adult or Friendly Adult Nurturer.

Aug. 10-12, 2018:

Nurturing/Steering Committee Meetings
@ Swannanoa Meetinghouse (Black Mtn., NC)
Lead FAN: Mari Ohta

Sept. 07-09, 2018:

SAYF Retreat @ Atlanta Friends Meeting
Lead FAN: Aaron Ruscetta
Planners: Atlanta Young Friends

Oct. 12-14, 2018:

SAYF Retreat @ Nashville Friends Meeting
Lead FAN: Mary Linda McKinney
Planners: Nashville Young Friends 

Nov. 09-11, 2018:

SAYF Retreat @ Asheville Meetinghouse
Lead FAN: Jennifer Chapman
Planners: Durham / Chapel Hill Young Friends 

Jan. 18-20, 2019:

SAYF Retreat @ Atlanta Friends Meetinghouse
Lead FAN: Aaron Ruscetta
Planners: Atlanta Young Friends w/Nurturing Cmte.

Feb. 22-24, 2019:

Nurturing/Steering Committee Meetings
@ West Knoxville Friends Meetinghouse
Lead FANs: Mari Ohta with Paul Laudeman

Mar. 22-24, 2019:

SAYF Retreat @ Celo / Arthur Morgan School
Lead FAN: Mari Ohta
Planners: Celo Young Friends w/Nurturing Cmte.

April 26-28, 2019:

SAYF Retreat @ (or near) Berea Friends Meeting
Lead FAN: Beth Meyer with Jon Saderholm
Planners: Berea Young Friends

June 13-16, 2019:

SAYF @ SAYMA Yearly Meeting
Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC
Planning & Lead FAN: Aaron Ruscetta

  2018-2019 Schedule final (PDF)

Last updated 2018.09.26